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Godiva Secret Weave, Tape & Pre Bonds
Course 12

Trademarked by Godiva
(If you have learnt one of our trademark methods, the company must be tagged in all of your posts & the rights to the training method are protected by Godiva and its trademark)


Learn the art of creating amazing transformations with our invisible trademarked weft system and tape and pre bonds.

No previous experience necessary.

$475 - ONLINE

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Learn our most popular method Godiva Secret Weave



If there’s one thing that Godiva Hair Extensions does well, it’s keeping ahead of all the new innovative methods in the hair industry world.  New methods that are only exclusively offered at Godiva Hair Extensions, that will keep you coming back for more.


Like the Godiva Weave, the Godiva Secret Weave is one of our most popular methods as it is extremely discrete with using double wefts especially great for that perfect pony tail look.

The Godiva Secret Weave is a brand new method of applying weft hair extensions that uses no heat, no glue, no braids, no tension and most importantly no rings on show.

The Godiva Secret Weave is a brand new method of applying weft hair extensions with no visible connections.  This method is applied by hiding the connection from the top and the bottom and also provides a more comfortable and versatile fit for most hair type.  Allowing clients the flexibility to wear their hair up in more styles without showing any connections.

Every aspect of the Godiva Secret Weave method is unique from the way we thread and knot, to the size of the rings, to the sectioning and placements.


Godiva Pre Bond Method Training


Pre-bonded hair extensions are also known as keratin bonds.


  • Keratin is a natural protein base adhesive.

  • It is a classic hair extension method.

  • U-tips, nail tips are used for this method.

  • It is suitable for all hair types.

  • It is also known as fusion bonding and uses heat on the natural hair.

  • Fusion bonding can last up to 12 weeks.

  • This method creates a free-fall natural effect.

There is no damage to the natural hair and your own hair can grow thicker, stronger and healthier.

Godiva Tape MethodsTraining

There is no damage to the natural hair and your own hair can grow thicker, stronger and healthier.  Tapes use the glue method for application.  This method has a fast application and is suitable for clients with a allergy to any of the ring methods that contain metals.

  • It is suitable for all hair types.

  • This method creates a free-fall natural effect.

  • Tape in methods use the same type of keratin to stick to the hair.

  • They come with a plastic cover that you peel off.

  • They are normally 4cm per tape section.

  • They normally have a weight of 2.5g per strip.

Course content

Kit requirements

Quality weft hair extensions


Strand test

Health & Safety


Client consultations

Hair type and grading of hair extensions

Colour matching

Hair preparation before fitting hair extensions

Placement of the hair extensions

Sectioning hair

Godiva Secret Weave, Pre Bonds & Tape application step by step guide

Cutting and blending hair extensions

Removal process



Problem solving

Final stages of hair extension training

Setting up your own business.


Kit Contents (included with the course)

Training head

Training head stand

Hair Extension pliers

Micro rings

Fusion Iron

Protective shields

Curved needle

Hair extension thread

Looping tools


Professional tail comb

Sectioning clips

Hair clips

Reusable tape tabs

Weft human hair - 25g

Pre bonded hair

Tape training hair

Kit bag

Course manual

Emailed certificate for online & Zoom

Framed Certificate (for group or 1 to 1 training

Backup tutorial videos with no expiry to view on our training portal

This course gives you the full collection to the Godiva Secret Weave, Pre Bonds & Tape methods with 19 tutorial videos showing you our unique trademarked method with no visible connections.  Our Godiva Director has sectioned the training into the following categories for you to watch as many times as you wish, pause and complete at your own leisure.  

Your purchase will include the following video's, manual and case study document.

Kit requirements - Secret Weave

Kit requirements - Tape & Pre bonds

Hair quality

Client consultations


Pre bonds - Phase 1

Pre bonds - Phase 2

Pre bonds removal

Tape application

Tape removal

Phase 1 Secret Weave

Phase 2 Secret Weave

Phase 3 Secret Weave

Phase 4 Secret Weave

Phase 5 Secret Weave

Secret weave removal

Cutting, blending & Styling


Hints, tips and products

Godiva Secret Weave Trailer

All our courses are ABT accredited and recognised internationally.  Which allows students to receive fully covered insurance packages and trade discounts with hair suppliers.

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